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Churches arise and shine for thy light has come, the kings of all churches Isaiah 60 are needed at the gwsg & Kenya is chosen for the gathering of nations as the prey Zephaniah 3:8- 20 from the east Isaiah 46:8-13. the church that shall deny GWSG shall face the seven plagues Revelation 15, said the rainbow angel Rev 10 of seven golden lampstands Revelation 2. *All in churches do not fight or quarrel James 4 We receive instructions from God & God is not mocked Galatians 6:6-7 . The GWSG Isaiah 9:6 was to rule since the genesis of churches Ephesians 4, its now inaction since year 2016. Be righteous and enjoy the fruits of your deeds Isaiah 3:10. “what you do shall be done to you Isaiah 33