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Name Of The White Stone Revelation

October 17, 2013
October 17, 2013
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Name Of The White Stone Revelation

God’s kingdom is blessed to be done by all in churches through gwsg in the name of the white stone revelation 2:17

*I will not eat the Passover meal again, until it is celebrated in God’s kingdom, said Jesus Luke 22:18. Christian were to seek first the kingdom of God Matthew 6:33 by having the king of the twelve groups of every nation Deuteronomy 32:8 for the twelve thrones Luke 22:29-30. But the word of the kingdom was taken away from them Matt 13:19. The old generation were to receive God’s kingdom Mark 9 by force Matt11:12 for the second coming of Jesus Matthew 16:28. But the kingdom was taken away from them and it was given to the people who will produce its fruit Matthew 21:43, to those who support the kingdom Luke 12:32-34.

. *All leaders of churches do not shut the kingdom before your church members Matthew 23:13. Open the gates that the righteous nation may enter that keeps faith Isaiah 26:2 of new Jerusalem & the twelve angels are at the gates Rev 21:9-14 and outside the gates are dogs Revelation 22:14-15=Philippians 3:2.
*The king of gwSg for all nations comes from the north country with the mission of changing your world, Zechariah 6:8, to became God’s kingdom Revelation 11:15, the acting kings will come from gwSg Kenya as a bird of prey Isaiah 46:11, until the appointed kings are anointed at every nation. Genesis 17.

Be blessed to give the gwSg news to 70 people like Jesus Luke 10 or to 70 people like Moses Numbers 11:16-17, then sing the song of Jesus & Moses Revelation 15:3. Also give to a 1000 people Isaiah 60:22 then ask for any blessing you need and you shall be given 2nd Chronicles 1:6-7 in righteous Isaiah 3:10.


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  2. Donagh says:

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